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Hi Friends,
I am Elena, a Documentary-Style Wedding Photographer Slash Storyteller.

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I am a wedding photographer based in Bristol, serving both Virginia (VA) and Tennessee (TN). So, if you're looking for a photographer in Bristol VA/TN who can beautifully capture your love story, you're in the right place!


A passion for a GREAT STORY propels my love for weddings.

I started looking for a compelling story in adventure books (whoever was hiding under the covers with a flashlight past bedtime as a kid over Jules Vern can fully relate!). I was looking for mesmerizing stories throughout my 10-years-long journalism career, traveling the continents. I even searched for stories at the ocean bottoms with my scuba-diving gear and the Egyptian sarcophagi covered by millennia of dust.

The real STORY yet was always there. Strange, really, that I haven’t noticed it long before. Love is one of the most wondrous human experiences, and every couple’s LOVE STORY is an exciting adventure. Aren’t we discovering our loved ones with the same passion, fear, and hope Columbus was discovering America? How truly bewildered and owe-stricken we become, realizing what an incredible miracle it is to have found the ONE, right?

I treasure each wedding day moment, and I even embrace the pressure and the stress because both push me over the limits and help me create my best work. I am a wordy writer and can go on and on like this... BUT I think you already got it - I know a gazillion synonyms for “love" :-) Apart from that, I am also a good wedding photographer! 


In other words, I am here to tell the world a new incredible story.



I believe that women can do anything, yet love and romance are truly the main things that make life worth living.

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