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Elena Gera | Wedding Photographer Serving Bristol, TN/VA



A documentary-style wedding, engagement, and surprise proposal photographer in Bristol, TN/VA!

My style is relaxed, playful, and evocative. I value connection, joy, authenticity, and true colors.


I help couples who want candid shots and cherish raw emotions!


Welcome to this page! Chances are, you're on the brink of tying the knot, embarking on the thrilling journey of planning your very first wedding. It's a maze out there, isn't it? Perhaps you've found yourself lost in the labyrinth of bridal magazines, endlessly scrolling through Google with a mimosa in hand, wondering where on earth to begin this grand adventure.


Fear not! First things first, let's lock in that dream venue (take a peek at our curated list of top-notch venues below!). Securing that perfect date is key. Next up, the photographer – and hey, who knows, it might just be yours truly! (Okay, maybe I'm joking a tad, but hey, check out my portfolio, and if you vibe with my style, let's have a chat!).



The Bristol area boasts a diverse array of wedding venues to suit every style and budget. Let's explore some of my favorites below.

Needless to say, selecting one of these top six wedding venues in the Bristol area may present quite a challenge, as each one is exceptionally stunning. But trust me when I say, whichever you decide upon, you will not be disappointed!

Already onto step two? If you're searching for a photographer, allow me to express my adoration for Bristol, TN/VA. Having called this area home for over a decade, I know it's every nook and cranny. Its beauty continually fills me with inspiration, and I would be honored to document your special moments against its breathtaking backdrop. 

My style? It's a fusion of natural authenticity and meticulous preparation, where genuine moments meet careful consideration, and great light intersects with the great outdoors. Whether it's capturing intimate interactions, monumental milestones, or the intricate details of décor and architecture, I thrive in diverse settings – be it towering mountains, expansive fields, or the simplicity of your favorite downtown street.

Imagine this: your groom overwhelmed with emotion during your first look, your closest friends dominating the dance floor with infectious energy and your adorable little niece taking careful steps as a flower girl, radiating importance yet slightly jittery under the spotlight.


Does it matter to you? It matters to me. I focus on the genuine essence, not just the surface of the event – it's about honoring your love and the relationships that surround and support you.


Let me share what I love about Bristol, TN/VA, and why I recommend it for a wedding

| A Little Background on Bristol, TN/VA |

Bristol is a relatively small city, but it does not disappoint when it comes to exciting ventures and fun.


With that, here are some super interesting things to know before you visit Bristol, TN/VA

Bristol, TN/VA is only ONE of FOUR US towns that are located across the state line: Bristol, TN, and Bristol, VA. There are 35 places in the world called Bristol, with 29 of them in the United States. How’s that for some interesting geography? 


Bristol's Fun Geography |


The two Bristols are separate entities, divided by the famous State Street. This division means they are governed by the laws of two different states, which creates interesting quirks, such as for police enforcement. (For instance, one state allows speed-tracking radars in cars while the other bans them – quite a conundrum!). Sales Tax on the VA side is 6% less than TN Sales Tax (everyone tries to shop on the VA side, haha!), but in return, bars on the TN side of State Street close three hours later… 


Crossing the state line multiple times a day can be a real head-scratcher for non-locals; it's like playing a perpetual game of "Guess the State"! One moment you're in Tennessee, the next, Virginia—talk about a whirlwind tour of statehood confusion!


| Bristol Weather |

The climate is ALMOST a blessing - with early springs, warm (and colorful!) falls, and nonexistent winters, but with hot and humid summers. If you are not a huge heat lover, it might be best to plan your wedding in spring or fall. These are the two most pleasant (and beautiful wedding seasons here in Appalachia).


| Things to Do |

Except for music, Bristol is quite well known for their craft beer (with four breweries and three distilleries!). 


They also have tons of cool events and festivals year-round, such as wine and cuisine strolls, concerts, art exhibitions, and sporting events (take a look at this handy calendar for upcoming events in Bristol).


Personally, I highly recommend:


South Holston Lake for some kayaking or motor-boating

Appalachian Caverns – for some outdoor sightseeing

Birthplace of Country Music Museum - to learn about Country Music History

Carter Family Fold - to actually listen to some excellent country music

Paramount Theater for concerts and events 

Cascades Draft House for craft beer

A bite at the Bloom for great food 


*** Here’s a tip for your wedding planning journey! Have you ever considered turning your special day into a wedding weekend extravaganza? By arranging activities for the days leading up to and following your ceremony, you'll have ample opportunity to bond with your guests. Not only will this create unforgettable memories, but it'll also ensure that everyone feels like family come the big day.


There are so many awesome wedding vendors located in the Bristol area that will make your wedding absolutely perfect. These are some of our favorites.



Elena Gera is a wedding and engagement photographer nestled in Bristol, Tennessee, catering to clients in Virginia and North Carolina, and extending her services across the U.S.


Specializing in blending artistic portraiture with genuine storytelling, Elena creates emotive and natural wedding photography. While her heart lies in the Southeast, she's always ready to pack her bags and capture your love story wherever it takes you nationwide.


















Also published in various blogs and magazines:

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Delaney Warren, TN

“Elena is an artist in every sense of the word! I could not believe how perfect the pictures turned out. She captured our wedding day perfectly and I will forever remember it with such endearment because of her!"

David Beverley, VA

“Elena did a fantastic job at our wedding! She made the experience enjoyable and as stress-free as possible. I cannot recommend her enough and would choose her first every time!”
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