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Elena Gera | Wedding Photographer Serving Roanoke, VA

Roanoke wedding photographer


A documentary-style wedding, engagement, and surprise proposal photographer serving RoanokeVirginia!

My style is relaxed, playful, and evocative. I value connection, joy, authenticity, and true colors.


I help couples who want candid shots and cherish raw emotions!


Welcome to this Roanoke wedding photographer’s page! If you've stumbled upon it, chances are you're about to embark on the exhilarating journey of planning your very first wedding. It's a whirlwind of excitement, isn't it? Perhaps you find yourself flipping through pages of bridal magazines, each glossy image fueling your dreams. Or maybe you are scrolling through endless Pinterest boards, not sure which one you like best.


But fret not! Let's tackle the first step together – securing that dream venue. Take a moment to peruse my handpicked selection of exquisite Roanoke wedding venues below. Once that's done, locking in the perfect date is essential. And when it comes to capturing those cherished moments, who better than a skilled photographer? While I may jest a bit, feel free to explore my portfolio. If you resonate with my style, let's connect and discuss how I can bring your vision to life!



The Roanoke area is truly rich in a diverse array of wedding venues, with new ones popping up every year!

Let's explore some of my favorites below.

Choosing from these top six wedding venues in the Roanoke area might prove to be quite the task, given their exceptional beauty. But rest assured, whichever one you settle on, you're in for an unforgettable experience!

Already moving on to step two? If you're on the hunt for a photographer, let me share my love for Roanoke, VA. I discovered this charming town about five years ago and instantly fell head over heels. Its beauty never fails to inspire me, and I'd be honored to capture your special moments amidst its stunning scenery.

My style? It’s relaxed, playful, and evocative. I value connection, joy, authenticity, and true colors. I love to help couples who want candid shots and cherish raw emotions! Did I mention I was a reporter for a travel publication for a decade? This is where my style comes from: it’s photojournalistic and observant. I just LOVE hunting for the right moment. Moments hold immense significance for me when it comes to weddings. (That's why I named my business Focus on the Moment).

Imagine this: your grandmother shedding tears of joy as she watches you exchange vows. Your college pals are giving touching toasts that spark laughter and tears. Your mischievous nephews leading the conga line, spreading joy and spontaneity throughout the reception hall.


These are the irreplaceable moments that define the essence of wedding photojournalism, where I thrive. I'm like a gardener in a jungle, digging through the vines to find the ripest fruits hidden beneath the surface. It's about embracing your love and the quirky entourage that adds flavor to your life like sprinkles on an ice cream sundae.



Let me share what I love about Roanoke, VA, and why I recommend it for a wedding

| A Little Background on Roanoke, VA |

Roanoke is a mid-sized, tranquil yet bustling town nestled amidst the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. It's like being cradled in the arms of nature itself, with the Roanoke valley stretching out before you, blanketed in a soft blue mist.


And let's talk about those hiking trails - they're simply spectacular! Take McAfee Knob, for instance, a breathtaking rock ledge offering unparalleled views of the valley 3,000 feet below. It's no wonder it's the most snapped spot on the Appalachian Trail!


With that, here are some super exciting things to know before you visit Roanoke, VA

Oh, and did I mention the Rail Yard Dawgs? Roanoke's very own ice-hockey team clinched the SPHL cup last year, sparking a city-wide parade that was nothing short of epic!

| Roanoke Weather |

The weather's awesome around here—nice long autumn, quick winter, no need to worry about those wild whirlwinds wrecking havoc like they do down south. Sure, Roanoke gets the occasional flood, but the last time things got really wild was that big storm back in 2012.


Summers are a tad milder compared to the rest of Virginia, thanks to the elevation, but they can still sizzle. If you're not exactly a fan of scorching heat, it might be smart to schedule your wedding for spring or fall. Those are the prime times (and oh-so-gorgeous) for tying the knot here in Appalachia.


| Things to Do |

Roanoke grew up as a railway hub, a legacy vividly depicted at the Virginia Museum of Transportation. It's like stepping into a time machine bound for the glory days of locomotives, all housed within the walls of an old train station. They've even got planes and cars in there too—talk about a journey through history!


If you're a wine enthusiast (or even if you're not), you absolutely must explore the wineries in the area. Virginia wines are the real deal, and sipping them amidst those rolling hills is an experience unto itself. Forget about the hustle and bustle of Napa—this is where you want to be. And don't forget to sample Traminette, a white wine that's pure savory bliss!


And hey, the fun doesn't stop there. Roanoke is always buzzing with events and festivals, from leisurely wine strolls to rocking concerts, artsy exhibitions, and even some adrenaline-pumping sports action. Just take a peek at their event calendar, and you'll see what I mean. There's never a dull moment around here!


Personally, I highly recommend:


Smith Mountain Lake - for some kayaking or motor-boating

Mill Mountain Trail - for panoramic views of the town and the famous neon Roanoke Star

Taubman Museum of Art, which hosts a surprisingly good exposition of modern art

Blue Ridge Parkway - for a leisurely drive 

Virginia’s Blue Ridge Cheers Trail - for wineries and breweries

A meal at Nawab - for excellent Indian food

Awful Arthur’s Seafood Company if you love oysters, crab (or chicken!) and want to support local


*** Here's a fun little idea to spice up your journey to the big day: why not turn it into a full-blown wedding weekend bash? Yup, you heard that right! By organizing some cool activities for the days before and after your ceremony, you'll get to hang out with your guests, make some killer memories, and basically turn everyone into one big happy family by the time you say "I do." Trust me, it's the recipe for an unforgettable wedding experience! 


There are so many awesome wedding vendors located in the Roanoke area that will make your wedding absolutely perfect. These are some of our favorites.

Roanoke Wedding Photographer Elena Gera


Elena Gera is a wedding, engagement, and surprise proposal photographer in Roanoke, VA.


Specializing in blending artistic portraiture with genuine storytelling, Elena creates emotive and natural wedding photography. While her heart lies in the Southeast, she's always ready to pack her bags and capture your love story wherever it takes you nationwide.


















Also published in various blogs and magazines:

Boho Weddings   |    Brides&Weddings  |  Budget Savvy Bride  The Knot

So This Is Love   | Pearl by David's

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Tina Repass, VA

“I felt the emotion in Elena’s photos, I saw precious moments, not just poses. I told her what I wanted, and she delivered! We had a blast and laughed so much we didn't even have to fake a smile!”

Ellen Perry, VA

"Elena was funny, calm, and truly understood what we wanted with our pictures. We would 100% reccomend her to everyone! An absolute breeze to work with!"
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