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A Summery Celebration at a Wedding Venue in the Tennessee Mountains | Brianna & Josh

Updated: Feb 19

Nestled in the heart of Mountain City, TN, Brianna and Josh's love story came alive in a summer wedding at a private wedding venue in the Tennessee Mountains. Their journey together began way back in high school, where they discovered an unbreakable connection that has only grown stronger over the past eight amazing years.

couple and detail shots at a wedding venue in tennessee mountains

Right from the start, Brianna and Josh have been partners in crime. Their shared love for music has provided the soundtrack to their relationship, often enveloping them in the melodies of their favorite tunes. Whether they're out exploring new dining spots or simply chilling together, their passion for relaxation and adventure infuses every moment with a special significance.

And then came the big day, bathed in the warm glow of the sun and set against the stunning backdrop of the Appalachian mountains. The ceremony unfolded at a friend's house, a private wedding venue in the Tennessee mountains surrounded by wide-open spaces and a breathtaking view. Picture an elegant arch beneath the shade of a wise old tree, adorned in dreamy hues of dusty blue, blush pink, and gold. It was like stepping into a fairy tale that perfectly mirrored Brianna and Josh's vibrant personalities.

What made this day even more exceptional was the squad that stood by their side. Instead of a traditional bridal party, Brianna and Josh invited their childhood friends to take the spotlight. These friends, who have known each other since preschool, added a touch of nostalgia and an abundance of fun to the celebration.

As the ceremony commenced, you could practically feel the love in the air – a tangible warmth, much like the sun's rays. Brianna, looking absolutely stunning in her gown, couldn't hold back tears of joy as she exchanged heartfelt vows. Josh, often reserved in his emotions, wore his happiness on his sleeve, his eyes radiating love and excitement. The love story that had quietly matured over the years was finally stepping onto center stage, a sight to behold.

The first dance was a snapshot of time, the dance floor alive with love and laughter as Brianna and Josh swayed to the rhythm of their hearts. Encircled by their closest loved ones, their infectious joy filled the air. Every shared glance, every gentle touch, spoke volumes about the remarkable journey they had embarked on together.

When Brianna chose me to capture their wedding, I was deeply honored. My goal was to encapsulate not just images, but the essence of their story– the laughter, the stolen glances, the sheer happiness emanating from everyone present. Their story became my inspiration, and being part of their incredible day was truly exhilarating. Join me in reliving these enchanting moments in the blog below, and let's extend our heartfelt wishes for their happiness in the years that lie ahead!

Ceremony & Reception | Private Residence


"Elena was the best possible choice for my wedding this past July!!! She was so organized, professional, and straight to the point on everything. We were able to get all the photos we wanted and more. She made sure that our wedding went by so smoothly. I couldn't recommend someone else to do wedding photos !!! Elena is amazing!!!"




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