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Sunny Spring Sunset Engagement Pictures at Bisset Park | Kate+Justin

Updated: Feb 19

Embark on a journey through Bisset Park in Radford, VA, as Justin and Kate's love story unfolds against a backdrop of lush greenery and scenic vistas. From a chilly proposal to a sunny April evening, join us in capturing the infectious joy and undeniable connection between the couple during their engagement pictures.

Engagement Pictures at Bisset Park, Radford, VA

Bisset Park in Radford, VA, holds a special place in the hearts of Justin and Kate, and it's easy to see why. The couple went on their first date in the park, and it was also the location of Justin's proposal to Kate, despite the cold and windy weather that day. On a sunny April evening, I had the pleasure of taking the couple's engagement pictures in this very special place. As soon as I arrived, it was evident how deeply Justin and Kate cared for each other. They were so clearly enamored, and their connection was undeniable.

Couple kissing during their engagement session in Bisset Park, Radford VA

The park provided a beautiful backdrop for the photos, with its lush greenery and scenic views. We started by taking some shots by the river, where the water was sparkling in the sun.

Young couple at their engagement photo session in Bisset Park

Next, we moved on to the park's many walking paths, which provided a romantic setting for the couple's photos. As we walked, I captured shots of Justin and Kate holding hands and stealing kisses, all while surrounded by the park's natural beauty. Throughout the session, Justin and Kate were full of laughter and joy, and it was clear that they were completely comfortable in each other's presence.

Young couple holding hands at Bisset Park Engagement session

It was a pleasure to witness and capture their love on camera. As the sun began to set, we took some final shots in a field, with the golden hour light casting a warm glow on the couple. They looked absolutely radiant together, and I knew that these photos would be cherished for years to come. Enjoy reliving this beautiful day with us!

Can't wait to photograph there wedding on summer 2024!






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