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Capture the essence of your LOVE STORY with Elena, your NC, VA, and East TN Wedding Photographer.

Specializing in documentary-style WEDDING photography, we believe your wedding photos should reflect genuine, heartfelt moments.

Elena, our owner and lead photographer, combines her photojournalism background with a keen eye for authenticity. With a focus on candid, natural shots rather than posed images, we create timeless memories of your special day.


It is a heads-spinning joy and incredible honor to witness and document the couple’s love at its pinnacle - their wedding day! I see smiles, laughter, and tears. I climb rickety chairs and do squats in church aisles (once I even stood in the knee-deep pond :), striving to freeze every precious moment, every genuine emotion for eternity. I can’t imagine the job more fulfilling when I do photographing weddings.

001-ESoboleva-Sydney&Logan-53256G1A5325 copy.jpg

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or to check availability. 


“Elena did a phenomenal job capturing our ceremony and celebrations from various angles and perspectives. She really did it all - excellent action shots of dancing, candid moments, as well as incredible portraiture. We will be cherishing her hard work for a lifetime!”

Logan & Sydney

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