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Engagement Photography Session at Tipton-Hynes | Samantha+Zac

Updated: Feb 19

This engagement photography session at Tipton-Hynes Historic Estate stands as a testament to a love that has weathered trials and grown stronger with time. The images captured on that October day will undoubtedly tell a story of joy, companionship, and enduring love for years to come.

Couple embracing at Tipton-Hynes Historic Site on a sunny fall evening

As the crisp October air wrapped around Tipton-Hynes Historic Estate in Johnson City, TN, it set the stage for a love story that's been brewing for seven whole years. Picture this: Zac and Samantha, eagerly awaiting their wedding next April, surrounded by perfect fall vibes, enchanting scenery, and a love so obvious it practically sparkles.

Now, before we dive into the magic of their engagement session—hello, Engagement Photography— let's throw some love to the venue —Tipton-Hynes Historic Estate. Nestled in the heart of Johnson City, TN this place spills the tea on the region's rich history. And get this: back in 1788, there was an actual post-Revolutionary War battle on these grounds when folks were fighting for their independence. Yup, drama alert! The battle is tied to the whole "Lost State of Franklin" saga.

Tipton-Hynes Historic Site in the fall

Hey, what on Earth is the State of Franklin? Well... We take for granted that our state is called Tennessee, that it was formed in 1796, and that it was the 16th state admitted to the union. But the story was nearly a whole lot different. The people who lived in what is now upper east Tennessee originally formed a state called Franklin. The State of Franklin was established in 1784 and lasted four years. The region was initially part of the territory west of the Appalachian Mountains that North Carolina ceded to the United States after the Revolutionary War. Now, hold on to your popcorn—North Carolina wasn't exactly waving goodbye with confetti. Nope, they didn't officially give the nod to Franklin's "we're outta here" move, cueing a showdown on February 29th, 1788.

Think of it as a historical soap opera, where North Carolina loyalists (aka Tiptonites – yes, the owner of this very estate) and Franklin supporters (aka Franklinites) duked it out. Spoiler alert: Tipton and North Carolina won, and the dream of the State of Franklin was over in a hot minute. Check out more of this epic story here.

Couple walking hand in hand at Tipton-Hynes historic site

Now back to the estate—it's got that antebellum charm, Southern elegance, and wooden structures straight out of a fairytale. Perfect, right?

Young couple posing for engagement photo session at Tipton-Hynes Historic Estate

Now, the real stars of the show - Samantha and Zac. They're not just a couple; they're each other's ride-or-die besties. Whether they're cozying up at home with their two furry pals or going on adventures to museums during their travels, their connection screams.

Their love story kicked off at Jersey Mike's Subs, where they worked together. Crush vibes were strong, but timing? Not so much. Fast forward to Samantha's college days, and bam! Zac's Christmas text lit the spark. Two years of long-distance dating later (college is no joke), Master's degrees, entry-level jobs, and a partridge in a pear tree—they weathered it all.

Fast forward to Valentine's Day 2021, Zac pops the question with a ring on top of an ice cream pint. Talk about sweet! It's like a rom-com, but better.

They're introverted, finding zen in quiet moments. But! Can we please talk about how Samantha suggested a piggy-back ride pose for their photoshoot? Dynamic and playful, just like their love. Of course, I didn't miss out on the cozy, romantic shots; my couple's photography all about that balance.

Couple posing for an engagement shoot at Tipton-Hynes Historic Estate

I've got my calendar marked for Zac and Samantha's wedding next April, and you should too! This Engagement Photography Session at Tipton-Hynes is more than just pretty pictures. It's a snapshot of a love story that's seen it all, triumphed and is ready for the next chapter. These October couple's photography session will be telling tales of joy, partnership, and love for years to come. Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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