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Tennessee Farm Equestrian Wedding Elegance | Delaney+Julian

Updated: Feb 19

Delaney's lifelong dream of riding a horse to the altar became a reality on a sunny October evening at the family Appalachian farm. This magical equestrian wedding featured autumn colors, a unique ceremony spot, and heartfelt surprises, making it a day to remember. From the stunning horseback entrance to the unexpected proposal, this celebration was filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

Tennessee farm equestrian wedding

Delaney and Julian's fairy-tale wedding unfolded on a sun-kissed October evening at Delaney’s family's Appalachian farm. Born and raised in California, Delaney had always been surrounded by horses and mounted her first one when she was seven. It was only fitting that her journey to the altar would be atop a beautiful black Frisian horse named Vinnie. As she emerged, gracefully astride the horse, weaving through the radiant fields, a collective gasp of awe swept through the gathered guests. It was like a harmonious symphony of wonder. Delaney’s flowing white gown billowed in the breeze, and her long tresses danced in the sunlight. A perfect fairy-tale princess on a horse, surrounded by the golden aura of the setting sun's rays and the dappled leaves in their autumnal splendor. Will any of us girls resist this picture? And, of course, her own prince charming, Julian, radiant with a smile and glee, was waiting for the lovely bride at the altar!

farm wedding venue in east tennessee

The landscape was painted in the rich hues of autumn, perfectly complementing the wedding's color scheme of terra cotta, burgundy, and sage green. Delaney and her younger sister, McKinley, put their talents to good use, crafting hundreds of wooden flowers for bouquets and decorations. Who knew they could potentially start a business with such artistic skills? Unless, of course, Delaney chooses baking instead because she baked her own wedding cake too! And it was unblemished! Talk about being multi-talented!

decoration and detail shots for a fall farm wedding

The family farm transferred into a stunning wedding venue with the help and creativity of their entire loving families was destined to be an unforgettable celebration. The wedding embraced the rustic charm of the farm, with a hay cart pulled by a tractor transporting guests to the ceremony spot. The picturesque ceremony location was constructed from scratch, featuring a beautiful arch and sturdy benches made of tree trunks.

barn decorations for a fall wedding

The couple's first look took place at the horse stalls, and it was an emotional rollercoaster. Julian surprised Delaney with a heartfelt letter that left her teary-eyed. (There were a lot of happy tears on this day!) And Julian wasn't done with gifts yet! During the ceremony, he unveiled a backpack filled with snacks, pledging to be her savior when she got hangry. As someone who's been in that predicament, I totally get it!

black and white pictures of the bride getting ready

Delaney, the talented bride, also serenaded Julian during the ceremony. It was a beautiful, personal touch that added a melody to their love story that started three years ago with an instant connection between those two that brought them to this happy day.

groom in burgundy suit getting ready

The couple received a rosary placement from their parents to honor Julian’s Catholic heritage. The couple's dog was the ring bearer (with a little help from Delaney’s brother Emerson). The rings were blessed by all the guests, which did not create a stall in the ceremony but added a meaningful touch!

bride getting ready fall colors

The reception speeches from parents and siblings poured out love and appreciation for the couple. It was a tender reminder of the profound connections that brought everyone together.

first look of the bride and groom at the barn

The night unfolded with lively dancing from everybody. It’s probably the first time I’ve seen the entire wedding party dancing so joyfully and freely! I certainly took full advantage of that, snapping lots of pictures of the joy!

But the most unexpected twist came during the bouquet toss. Delaney took this traditional moment and flipped it on its head. Instead of tossing the bouquet, she turned around and presented it to one lucky girl. Just when we thought the surprises were over, the groom's brother Jimmy made his dramatic entrance and dropped to one knee, proposing to the stunned girl. It was an unexpected and touching proposal that played out like a romantic movie!

Throughout the day, everything fell perfectly into place. The weather was impeccable, with the sun making a grand entrance after the rain just in time for the ceremony and group pictures. And you wouldn't believe the secret to this perfect weather – an old southern tradition involving a bourbon bottle buried a month before the wedding at the ceremony site. Who knew that a little bourbon could work such magic? Or maybe numerous California or Belgian guests brought the sun with them?

In the end, Delaney and Julian's wedding was pure enchantment. Their love story came to life amidst the stunning backdrop of the Appalachian farm, and the day was filled with unforgettable moments. It was a celebration that traveled from the hills of California to the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, and it will be remembered as a fairytale come true.

Please join me in reliving this day and do not overlook a horse bridle bit incorporated into a traditional invitation to highlight the equestrian theme of the wedding. As well as a piece of the bride's mother's wedding dress that came as a surprise to the mom, and brought her happy tears!

Something else, which you don't have to read, but I felt that I very much wanted to add. I was so in awe of the entire extended family on both sides. Not only because of their unity, love, and appreciation for each other, which showed in every touch and every glance, but also for their skill with horses – they have seven in their stalls right now! As someone who is afraid of horses (one end kicks and the other end bites, right?), I am in deep awe of the bride who not only rode a horse to the altar but remained calm and happy, radiating pure happiness and beauty!

Ceremony & Reception | Wellspring Valley Farm

Wedding Gown | Avery Austin

Videographers | Spencer Cassling and Emerson Warren

Band | The Portland Pickers


"I have never been so excited to write a review. We hired Elena for our wedding this past October and could not be more thrilled with our choice. Her communication is impeccable; professional and prompt, I felt I could communicate exactly what we wanted easily and get an answer quickly. Her attention to detail is unmatched. From the planning, to the details, even the posing and editing - everything was done so masterfully and with such care. It is evident Elena is truly passionate about her craft. She is an artist in every sense of the word. She had our previews to us THE DAY AFTER OUR WEDDING. I could not believe how perfect they turned out. Elena - thank you. You captured this day perfectly, and I will forever remember it with such endearment because of you. THANK YOU!!!"






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