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Engagement Session at Washington County VA Park | MacKenzie+Mason

Updated: Feb 19

Love stories are often woven with nostalgia, finding their roots in cherished memories and shared experiences. For Mason and MacKenzie, their love blossomed amidst the serene beauty of Washington County VA Park and Campground. This picturesque setting had played a significant role in Mason's childhood, spending summers reading books in a hammock, fishing with his dad, and creating lasting memories. As fate would have it, this very place became the backdrop for their engagement session, rekindling the sparks of their shared past and promising a future filled with love and laughter.

Kissing couple in the park

Returning to the Washington County VA Park and Campground, where they spent countless summers in the family camper, was like coming home for Mason and MacKenzie. The decision to have their engagement session at this cherished location was an easy one, as they knew every nook and cranny of the park and had already chosen their favorite spots for the occasion.

As I photographed this beautiful couple, it was evident that their love for each other was something special. Though they both held serious jobs, they exuded a lightheartedness that instantly put everyone around them at ease. Laughter seemed to be a constant companion, and their relaxed demeanor was contagious. In every stolen glance and tender touch, their mutual support and affection shone through, revealing a love that could weather any storm.

While Mason might not have been too keen on stepping into the lake, we found ourselves at the shore, where the beauty of the setting sun painted everything in a soft, glowy pink. It was here that Mason and MacKenzie shared a sunset kiss that will forever be etched in their memories and hearts. The tender moment encapsulated the magic of that summer evening and added a touch of romance to their engagement photos.

As we concluded the engagement session at Washington County VA Park, the excitement for their upcoming wedding in June 2024 was palpable. The love that Mason and MacKenzie shared was a beacon of hope and a testament to the enduring power of love. Their journey had come full circle, from early memories at the campgrounds to a love that had matured and grown stronger over time.




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