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Cherry Blooms Engagement Photos at Hahn Horticulture Garden | Britney+Zac

Join Britney and Zachary as they celebrate their love with a stunning engagement photo session at Virginia Tech's Hahn Horticulture Garden, capturing their unique bond amidst vibrant cherry blossoms and spring blooms. Their story, from college sweethearts to a heartfelt proposal at the Roanoke Star, shines through every photo, reflecting their shared adventures and deep connection.

Love stories come in all shapes and sizes, each uniquely beautiful. Britney and Zac, a couple whose bond shines through every glance and touch, recently set out to capture their love with an engagement photography session. Against the stunning backdrop of the Hahn Horticulture Garden at Virginia Tech, their session highlighted not only the beauty of their relationship but also their shared interests and vibrant personalities.

Their love story kicked off during their college years, where they navigated the ups and downs of young adulthood together. From finishing their education to starting their careers, they shared every milestone, which only made their bond stronger. During a visit to the Roanoke Star, the spot of their first date, Zac proposed, marking the start of their journey towards forever.

This was their first-ever professional photo session, and they nailed it! Their love is so evident in every touch and glance. Britney and Zachary's relationship is a perfect mix of friendship and romance. That's how they described it to me, and I think I managed to capture it through the lens. They're best friends and partners in crime, finding joy in the simplest moments. From spontaneous adventures to cozy nights at home, they cherish every moment together, always finding happiness in each other's company. And their fashion sense? Spot on! Britney's dress looked perfect against the gorgeous cherry blooms.

Britney tends to be more introverted, enjoying quiet moments of reflection, while Zac is the social butterfly, adding a lively dynamic to their partnership. Despite their differences, they find a perfect balance, each bringing a unique perspective to their shared experiences.

Hahn Horticulture Garden is one of my favorite spots for a spring engagement session! It's relatively small but super versatile, with tons of cozy nooks and crannies that offer so much variety. Early April is the best time to catch all the blooms, from magnolias and cherries to tulips and daffodils. The only hiccup was an unexpected cold snap, and poor Britney was shivering in her summer dress. But she was a real trooper and did amazing despite the chill—you can't even tell in the pictures!

Let's wish them all the best and hope their love continues to bloom for years to come, just like the flowers in this wonderful garden!

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